What's New In Stash 2.12

Improvements to your favorite Stash features

The Stash team has put out some great stuff in the last few releases but we thought some features could benefit from a couple additions. So in Stash 2.12, we decided to take those awesome features and up the ante. Want easier navigation through those side-by-side diffs? Looking for those read/write access keys? We heard you and we delivered.

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comment counts, side-by-side hunk maps, DIY backups
side-by-side hunk maps

Side-by-side hunk maps

We introduced the highly requested side-by-side diff view in Stash 2.11 to allow quick identification of code changes. In 2.12, we're making it even easier to navigate through these changes. The new hunk maps show you where all changes are located so you never get lost in a large file again.

comment counts

Comment counts

See at a glance how active a pull request or a commit has been with the new comment counts column. Available in both the pull requests tab and the commits tab, you can quickly get a sense of which commits have been controversial or have had the most discussions.

local avatars

Local avatars (Gravatar alternates)

We know you've been waiting for this – Stash now allows users to upload an avatar to their profile instead of using Gravatar. Gravatar will be the default, but users can change the image on their individual settings page.

For teams who do not or cannot use Gravatar, you can turn the feature off globally through the administration dashboard.

read/write access keys

Access Key Improvements

Access keys are now available with both read-only and read/write permissions. Your continuous integration servers, such as Bamboo, can use read/write access keys to push changes back to Stash. And when you delete an access key, Stash will also inform you of all repositories that are using that particular key.

DIY Backup

DIY Backup

Stash is offering a DIY backup as an alternative to the existing backup client. For teams with a large set of projects and repos, the DIY backup option will allow you to cut down your downtime so your team can remain productive. With DIY backup, you can use your own best-of-breed tools to backup the filesystem and the database.

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side-by-side hunk maps
comment counts
local avatars
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