Confluence knowledge management software

Confluence knowledge management software

Confluence creates a culture of idea-sharing and innovation by giving teams the power to create, share, and manage content, all in one place.

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Knowledge management software built for modern teams

“​Before Confluence there was no central repository for knowledge.”



Knowledge hoarded is knowledge wasted. Confluence is a knowledge management solution that gives teams an open Space to create the next big thing.

Whatever your business may be, people have knowledge worth sharing. With flexible customization, organization, and a powerful search engine, Confluence empowers collaboration and innovation.


  1. Build a team of pros

    Give every person and team a space to share content, exchange ideas, and communicate. Empower contribution and feedback with comments, likes, @-mentions, and more.

  2. Search less, discover more

    Organize pages and files in a structured hierarchy so it's easy for anyone to find. Use a powerful search engine with suggested results to discover information across your company.

  3. Knowledge without boundaries

    Remove information silos between teams, departments, and individuals by connecting people in one place. Share information via blogs and promote open dialogue with the whole organization.

Let Confluence be your single source of truth

Confluence is today's knowledge management software, capturing information trapped in email and chat in one centralized Space. With a flexible and customizable platform, Confluence helps teams build a culture around community, communication, and collaboration.

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JIRA and Confluence

Track progress in Jira, collaborate in Confluence

Connect seamlessly with Jira software so you can easily add context to your projects in one central location.

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Confluence knowledge management add-ons and integrations

Extend your knowledge base with add-ons

Make Confluence your own with custom themes, branding, workflows, and much more.

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