Product investment

Jira Software:

  • The Next-gen project experience: Next-gen is a flexible project type that allows teams to configure each new project to fit their own unique workflow. This includes: the ability to build-your-own boards, customize issue types and fields, turn on/off agile features like the backlog, and generate custom board views with out-of-the-box filters.
  • Jira Software Premium: Jira Software Premium helps teams confidently scale with unlimited storage, a financially backed 99.9% uptime SLA, and 24x7 Premium Support with a 1 hour response time for critical issues.
  • Native roadmaps: We built a native roadmap into Jira Software and have layered on several meaningful new features. You can now visualize progress, seeing what percentage of your Epics you’ve completed. You can stay ahead of blockers and dependencies by mapping them out on your roadmap. We’ve also made it so you can take your roadmap and embed a live version right into Confluence, which can be helpful for surfacing your roadmap for team members that may not regularly access your Jira site and for bringing together the roadmaps of multiple teams in a single place.
  • An reimagined issue view: The entirely redesigned issue view features greater flexibility so your team can see more of the mission critical information they need and less of the noise they don’t. The new issue view is also more extensible, more customizable, and loads faster than ever before.
  • Deep new integrations: Jira Software Cloud now integrates, out-of-the-box, with all of the tools your software team knows and loves, including: Bitbucket Pipelines, Slack, InVision, Azure DevOps, Gmail, Excel, Adobe Creative Cloud, Google Sheets, VS Code, Figma, GitHub, CircleCI, LaunchDarkly, Microsoft Outlook, GitLab, Jenkins, Optimizely, Octopus Deploy, and more.
  • Preview whats to come in our Jira Software public roadmap.


  • A new creation experience: The new editor in Confluence gives users a clean and consistent experience with powerful features built to enable anyone to create beautiful, engaging content with ease. Create content fluidly using the slash command to add anything to your pages from tables to tasks, and use in-context tool bars to adjust elements from where you are in the page. We’ve added the flexibility to make pages or page elements wide, full-width, or fixed-width so you can customize your pages to reader’s needs.
  • Confluence Cloud Premium: Gain more visibility, control, and platform support for your growing team. Confluence Premium comes with Analytics to make better content decisions, Admin Key so you can remove permission obstacles quickly, and platform features to help you scale including unlimited storage, a financially backed 99.9% uptime SLA, and 24x7 Premium Support with a 1-hour response time for critical issues.
  • New media experience: Never upload the same image or file twice with a unified media experience across Jira and Confluence. Upload files to your page directly from Dropbox, Google Drive, or search for the perfect Gif from GIPHY. Add annotations to your images directly from the editor.
  • Organization improvements: You can now keep your spaces organized by contextually creating pages exactly where you want them from the page tree or use drag n drop to move a page to its proper place after you’ve published a page.
  • Deeper integrations: We’ve built deeper integrations with the tools you can about most. Keep stakeholders up-to-date with the Jira roadmap macro where you can embed live Jira roadmaps into Confluence pages. To super-power your team collaboration, we’ve improved integrations from your favorite tools like Google Drive, Slack, and Microsoft Teams.
  • Templates: Templates help you create pages quickly and keep consistency across teams. We’ve added new templates for project planning, goal setting, and a set specifically for your marketing team.

Jira Service Desk:

  • Agent experience: The queues interaction and issue view are the soul of the Jira Service Desk product interaction for support agents. Agents will love being able to really focus on what the most pressing requests with the increased functionality on the queues. They’ll be able to view queues and edit them inline, prioritize them better, action on them quickly, and customize them to their needs. And in the issue view, agents will see the most relevant information where it makes sense while putting more focus on the customer conversation.
  • Next-gen configuration: We have drastically improved the configuration experience for Jira Service Desk, making it more accessible to IT and business teams. This includes drag & drop workflow and request types, simplified permissions, and independent project owner permissions.
  • Help center: Providing a world-class service experience to end users experience is vital to IT teams success. Enabling customers to serve themselves in one, central place with an elevated experience that's modern, and optimized for knowledge base deflection will significantly help IT teams deliver a streamlined and delightful service experience.
  • Asset management integrations: Asset management is a key part of the ITSM workflow and as part of that, we’ve added additional Cloud asset management apps such as Insights by Riada, Snipe-IT, Device42, Oomnitza, and more.
  • Zoom integration: Customers today expect to access support in the ways that suit them. Agents are wary of tedious back and forth exchanges. Zoom meetings open the opportunity for face to face connection between agents, customers, and other stakeholders, humanizing the service experience.
  • Zapier integration: Admins can connect to other tools and automate tasks between them - easily connect any of the apps you use with Jira Service Desk.


  • Increased build minutes for Pipelines: As part of this announcement we are increasing the number of build minutes for each plan. Standard plans now include 2,500 build minutes per month (previously 500), and premium plans now include 3,500 build minutes per month (previously 1,000).
  • Bitbucket Pipes: Build powerful, automated CI/CD workflows in a plug and play fashion without the hassle of managing integrations. Choose from 50+ pipes written and supported by vendors to build, test, scan, and deploy.
  • Deployment and build integration with Jira: From Jira Software see which issues were deployed in which environment and when, and gain deeper visibility of work-in-progress with build status for issues. In Bitbucket quickly validate Jira issues to be deployed to an environment and investigate issues faster from the deployment screen.
  • VSCode integration: Create and view pull requests and kick off builds, tests, and deployments within VSCode’s interface.
  • Pull request pipelines: Configure Bitbucket Pipelines to run when you create or update a pull request, providing developers a faster feedback loop on breaking changes and giving reviewers more confidence when approving changes.
  • Deployment permissions: Configure deployment permissions to control who can deploy to an environment and from which branch.
  • Branching model support: Easily create and enforce consistent naming for your branches. When used in conjunction with branch permissions, new branches inherit permissions based off their naming convention.

Cloud infrastructure:

  • 5k user limit: We recently increased our user limit to 5,000 users, and have doubled our AWS regions around the world to include Singapore, Sydney, and Frankfurt online to improve regional performance for customers.
  • Transparent Security Offerings and Processes: We're committing to providing you with the information you need to understand and evaluate our security for yourself. We've updated and revamped the Atlassian Trust Center so you can find more information on our security, privacy, compliance, and reliability initiatives.
  • Account Privacy Settings: When you use Atlassian Cloud products, you trust us with your data, which is why we've invested heavily in processes, privacy safeguards, and stringent data management to ensure we are following industry best practices to keep your data private and in your control.
  • Migration center: We realize that moving to the cloud is a journey, and we’re with you every step of the way. We recently launched the new Atlassian Cloud Migration Center, along with migration assistants for Jira Software Cloud and Confluence Cloud, to help you automate moving spaces, users, and groups from Server to Cloud.
  • Preview what’s to come in our Cloud platform public roadmap.