Customizing your cloud instance

Is server more customizable than cloud—and does customization make teams more productive?

This is one of the most common questions we hear from those on a journey from on-prem to cloud. And it makes sense. After all, if you’ve finally got your systems and workflows where you want them, will a move to cloud change that? Will it make it harder for you to meet your teams’ unique needs?

The short answer is that cloud is more flexible than you might think. The long answer is in the truth behind two common customization myths:

So, when it comes to security, what’s myth and what’s truth? Here are the three most common myths we run into:

Myth: “I can create more custom workflows in server.”

While it’s true that Atlassian’s cloud systems are standardized for all users, it’s not true that there’s no space for customization. Pretty much everything you’re used to doing as a server admin you’ll still be able to do in cloud. The difference is in how you do them, not that you do them.

When we ask server admins about their experience making the switch, they tell us the old way of doing things involved a lot of messy workarounds, bad hacks, sub-optimal configurations (or over-configurations), solving the wrong problems, and tech debt they never quite got around to addressing.

As one Community leader explains, “Atlassian cloud is the reason I’m still such an incredibly passionate advocate for Atlassian. It reflects everything that made me first fall in love with Atlassian products all those years ago…The tool is there to support and elevate the team, not [forcing] the team to change how it works to support the tool. If you keep your configs simple and leverage the out-of-the-box offering…you’re embracing agility.”

Myth: “My tailor-made customizations are what’s best for my team.”

Customization sounds like a great thing. Who doesn’t want a tailor-made suit that fits like a second skin? Who doesn’t love a playlist curated to their exact tastes?

But when it comes to tech tools, customization can take a turn for the worst. Not only is it extra work for your admins, but it often becomes a warren of complicated work-arounds, lost documentation, and workflows that actually slow teams down instead of speeding them up. Not to mention that as the customizations pile up, the system gets bulky and unwieldy. And as team needs change, they frequently abandon those customizations for another, then another, and then yet another.

So, yes, customizations can be a good thing. But they can also quickly become irrelevant, complicated, or just a pile of unused workflows slowing things down.

This is why our tools lead with standardized workflows and treat customization as a backup plan rather than a day-to-day way of life. It’s also why we have a robust collection of apps and integrations to support a wider range of workflows and team needs.

Want to customize your own cloud instance?
Want to customize your own cloud instance?

Want to customize your own cloud instance?

Want to customize your own cloud instance?

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