Tackling myths about apps in cloud

Over 60% of Atlassians on server use an app or integration from the Atlassian Marketplace, so it’s no surprise that one of the biggest concerns about a move to the cloud is apps. Does cloud have them? Can they migrate? How are they different, and how are they similar?

These are the questions we hear over and over again, and the good news is this: Cloud is more app-friendly than you think.

So, what’s myth and what’s truth? Below we bust the four most common myths we hear about.

Myth: “Cloud doesn’t have as many apps.”

While this may have been true a few years ago, the reality is that cloud improvements are moving fast, and what was true a few years ago is definitely not still true today. In fact, the Atlassian Marketplace has over 1,000 apps and integrations for our cloud products - and we're adding more all the time. In 2019 alone, we added 250 apps to our arsenal. And in the first six months of 2020, we launched another 225.

Some of our most popular server apps—including Insight Asset Management, Jira Workflow Toolbox, JSU Automation for Jira, Structure, and ConfiForms—are already available in cloud. And with how fast things are moving, by the time you migrate, you’ll have a lot more options.

Atlassian also has official partnerships with many of your users’ favorite SaaS tools (including Slack, Jenkins, Github, and Zoom), with more added each year. These integrations are supported by dedicated development teams at both companies, meaning you get deeper embedded functionality, first access to feature improvements, and seamless workflows across tools without switching screens or losing context.

Myth: “I can’t migrate my apps.”

With so many Atlassians relying on apps, you can bet one of our migrations team’s top priorities is to simplify app assessment and migration.

This is why our migration tools—Jira Cloud Migration Assistant and Confluence Cloud Migration Assistant—both offer app assessments. This new functionality shows you which apps your team is using and what’s available in cloud, which can help you map out your migration, understand what to prioritize, and perhaps even have an ah-ha moment or two about your teams’ workflows.

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We don't have to think about keeping the server up and running, what to do when we need more space, or how we work. We can focus on Homegate because we don’t have all the servers and instances on our mind.

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And while some apps require you to reach out to the vendor to migrate your data, we’re working hard on an automated process to bring you app data to cloud, releasing later this year.

Myth: “Cloud app functionality is limited compared to on-prem.”

With over 1,000 cloud apps, this simply isn’t true anymore. Are apps in the cloud different than the ones we use on-prem? Sometimes. But different doesn’t mean less. In some cases, you’ll be able to replicate your workflows with existing cloud apps. In other cases, you may need to adopt a different workflow. In still other cases, the core functionality in Atlassian tools might be everything you need to get your workflows done. And sometimes app functionality in the cloud is better and more robust.

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Cloud supports about 50% more integrations than server, and many integrations supported by both server and cloud have additional benefits in the cloud.

For some customers, this sounds like a challenge before they migrate. But the truth, as Sky Frostenson of VSCO discovered, is that teams often prefer the cloud UI and cloud apps can improve workflows, collaboration, and planning by leaps and bounds:

“The team found that the new Cloud UI was much cleaner, unobtrusive, and more flexible…Cloud apps help to make Jira a single source of truth for development workflow, support load and triage priority, asset management, and company-wide planning”

Myth: “Cloud apps aren’t secure.”

When it comes to migration, security is most companies’ biggest fear. But here’s the good news: 94% of businesses say their move to cloud made them more secure—not less.

So, how exactly do we keep your apps secure? With enforced minimum security requirements, a best-in-class Bug Bounty program, a collaborative security self-assessment program, clear privacy policies, GDPR compliant practices, and constant improvements. We also always strip personal information from the API, which means user data never passes to app vendors (keeping it both safe and GDPR compliant).

One of our latest improvements was the launch of a new cloud security badge in the Atlassian marketplace. This badge will help customers identify the cloud apps that participate in our Marketplace Bug Bounty program and embrace ongoing vulnerability testing from a global pool of ethical security researchers.

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