Privacy at Atlassian

We commit to meeting, and helping our customers meet, the highest bar for personal data privacy worldwide.

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Our Privacy Principles

Privacy by design is something we live, eat, and breathe. Learn more about the Privacy Principles that drive our work, and the role they play in product development.

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Latest Updates

If you feel like privacy laws are evolving quickly, you’re not alone. We share our planning and thinking around current developments with you via our Privacy Updates page.

Your data is our responsibility

Our internal privacy processes and procedures are documented transparently, so you can rest assured your data is handled with the utmost care.

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How we handle your data

We've developed and implemented comprehensive processes, privacy safeguards, and ongoing training for our teams to ensure we are following industry best practices. Across the organization, our teams are regularly trained and updated on essential privacy and security practices and are bound to maintain the confidentiality and security of that data. We hold any vendors that handle personal data to the same data management, security, and privacy practices and standards to which we hold ourselves.

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Guidelines for Law Enforcement

Atlassian’s values underpin our approach to responding to law enforcement requests for customer data. To protect customers' data privacy and rights, we only provide customer information to law enforcement when we reasonably believe there’s a legal requirement to do so and after comprehensive legal review.

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Atlassian Transparency Report

As part of our commitment to earning and maintaining your trust, we publish an annual Transparency Report with information about government requests for data. Atlassian will scrutinize every request for legal validity, and if required to comply, we will respond as narrowly as possible to the specific request.

Privacy and your country

Your source for information tailored to your location.

Take control of your data

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Manage your business' data privacy

Data is critical to the success of your business. That's why we're transparent about where and how we store data, and the steps you can take to manage or remove data (e.g. in response to privacy requests).

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Manage your personal data privacy

We take user privacy seriously, and design our products and practices to allow users to actively manage and control their data.

Get more visibility into our cloud platform roadmap

We're committed to providing visibility into our upcoming security, compliance, privacy, and reliability releases wherever possible.

Cloud platform roadmap (Track, Plan, and Support)

We’re here and ready to answer all of your questions.

Trust & Security Community

Join the Trust & Security group on the Atlassian Community to hear directly from our Security team and share information, tips, and best practices for using Atlassian products in a secure and reliable way.

Atlassian Support

Reach out to one of our highly-trained support engineers to get answers to any questions.