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On average, software developers check 3.3 tools simply to discover the status of a project, while Jira Software customers rely on fewer tools (2.3 tools), saving valuable time and increasing productivity. Whether your team uses Bitbucket, Salesforce, GitHub, Slack, or something else entirely, Jira can make your team more productive by surfacing information from those apps. Atlassian’s Marketplace makes it easy to seamlessly integrate with thousands of apps and integrations.

Extend Jira Software seamlessly with apps and integrations.

Jira Software is everywhere work happens

Odds are Jira Software already works with a majority of the tools your team uses today to get work done. The Atlassian Marketplace is home to thousands of apps and integrations that run the gamut from wildly popular tools (Bitbucket, Salesforce, GitHub, Slack) to more niche, ready-to-use apps. Many of these integrations are free and easy to set up.

Common integrations

  • Bitbucket
  • Salesforce
  • Github
  • Slack
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By integrating your existing tools with Jira, you can begin to consolidate all critical work information in one place. The benefits of doing so include:

  • complete and accurate visibility into status of work

  • reduced time spent switching tools

  • relevant and timely information at your team’s fingertips

  • expand Jira usage into other teams at your organization, like design and ops

Finding the right app for your team

The Marketplace makes it easy to find the right app or integration for your team. If you know the tool you want connect Jira to, search for it from the Marketplace homepage. If you’d rather peruse the thousands of available apps, you can use filters including top rated, trending, newest, or curated category pages to browse for different use cases.


Tempo marketplace example screenshot

Once you’ve landed on the integration overview page, you’ll find a wealth of information: overview videos, customer ratings, screenshots, specs, use cases, resources, and more.

Why Atlassian Marketplace?

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Low risk

Utilize a 30 day free trial for all apps to test the integration and ensure it adds the value you expect.

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Thousand of customers already integrating with Jira. Over 1,000,000 apps installed to date.

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Breadth and choice

There's an app for that! Choose from thousands of apps and integrations for Jira (600+ are Cloud friendly).

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With a basic knowledge of web development and Jira, you can develop an app for the Marketplace. Learn more

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In Product Search

Admins can browse and discover apps from within Jira, no trip to the Marketplace necessary.

The Atlassian Marketplace

Ready to get started? Check out the Atlassian Marketplace for thousand of apps and integrations that connect with Jira. Get details on features, integrations, and more to help put Jira to work for you. Try all apps and integrations for free with a 30-day trial!

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