Cloud-termék befektetések

Over the past year we’ve made a number of significant investments across our cloud products. We’ve greatly improved the cloud admin experience by building for more control; from automatic product discovery and managing users' third-party apps to release tracks and product sandboxes. We’ve made breakneck progress in providing a seamless, multi-site cloud environment with the ability to support a much higher number of users per site and improvements to our admin hub, smart links, and navigation across all sites. We’ve also been laser focused on security, introducing features like mobile device management, device visibility, and encryption at rest. Last but not least, data residency is now available for new customers in the US and EU, and will be available to existing Cloud Standard and Premium customers in October. Data residency will be expanding to Australia, Canada, and Japan in the next year. As we look at what else is ahead, we will continue to drive value through these areas and others, such as automation, smarts, and compliance. When it comes to product-specific improvements, we’ve made the following investments:

Jira Software:

This year we introduced the new Jira template library, where you can browse a variety of different templates across all the Jira products you own. Customers now have access to insights, a feature that brings data to the forefront - in the backlog, board, and deployments view - so teams can work smarter, monitor performance, and continuously improve. We also rolled out the Jira automation template library, home to hundreds of automation use cases, guides, and videos to help users of every level automate to save time and money. We’ve improved performance and reliability with faster Jira Software team-managed and company-managed boards and backlogs. We also saw the arrival of the workflow editor on team-managed projects.

Looking ahead, we will continue to focus on improving the Jira Software core experience with features such as:

  • Customized workflow editing
  • New board and backlog filters
  • Additional performance enhancements that will help make Jira even faster

To learn more about what’s recently shipped and what’s to come, be sure to check out our Jira Software Cloud roadmap.


Similarly, we’ve been hard at work to make Confluence Cloud and collaboration as performant as ever with faster Jira macros, faster page loads, and faster page reloads. We introduced a number of new features that help you find and organize pages faster including a Space Directory, page archiving, page previews, page filtering, the ability to copy entire page trees, and more. We also brought inline comments to edit mode and the mobile app. We added highly requested features like anchor macros, aggregate decisions macros, smart links, better exports and the ability to preview a template before you implement.

We will continue to optimize the Confluence Cloud experience with features such as:

  • Editor delighters - like emojis in a page title, or cover photos
  • Quick actions for Space Views and Page Tree
  • Big rock functionality in external collaboration and automation

To learn more about what’s recently shipped and what’s to come, be sure to check out our Confluence Cloud roadmap.

Jira Service Management:

Jira Service Management Premium and Enterprise capabilities have significantly changed over the last 12 months to include advanced incident management and asset & configuration management functionality. Previously, these capabilities required separate purchases of Opsgenie and Mindville Insight. By integrating these capabilities into our Premium and Enterprise plans, we believe we are delivering exceptional value.

In addition, we’ve built a seamless, one platform change management experience to bridge the divide between development and IT. This includes automated change requests, CI/CD integrations, deployment gating, a risk assessment engine, and most recently, a change calendar so teams can schedule and view upcoming changes.

We’re continuing to invest in high-value capabilities, including:

  • An all-new forms experience that includes 300+ form templates and a no-code/low-code advanced form builder, powered by ProForma
  • Conversational ticketing with Slack and Microsoft Teams integrations, powered by Halp
  • Out-of-the-box dashboards that make it easier to track important business metrics and how specific changes, requests, and incidents vary over time

To learn more about what’s recently shipped and what’s to come, be sure to check out our Jira Service Management Cloud roadmap.

Atlassian Access:

Atlassian Access provides centralized, enterprise-grade security and administration for Atlassian cloud products across your organization. Atlassian Access launched 3 years ago, and has since seen a number of improvements that address some of the more prevalent security needs identified in SaaS today. Most recently, we’ve rolled out SCIM user lifecycle management, multiple authentication policies, automatic product discovery, audit logs, org insights, API token controls, and more supported identity providers for SSO and SCIM. Atlassian Access embodies Zero Trust security as a modern solution to modern risks, and we will continue investing heavily in Access as a means to ensure the highest standard of security across your Atlassian cloud products.