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Splunk develops software that makes big data scalable and usable. The fast-growing company, with developers all over the world, relies on Atlassian to support its distributed, complex development practices and facilitate transparency and collaboration across Engineering and Marketing.

For years, the company has used Jira Software Data Center to track issues and manage projects; Confluence to share information and collaborate; Bamboo to run builds, tests, and deployments; and Hipchat for real-time messaging. 

When Splunk decided to migrate from Perforce to Git, the company evaluated several Git repository management solutions, including GitHub Enterprise. Given its success with Atlassian, the company also evaluated and ultimately chose Bitbucket Data Center.

Atlassian Platinum Expert Praecipio Consulting helped Splunk install and set up Bitbucket Data Center and architected the path to migration from Perforce.

“Bitbucket is flexible, scalable, and secure, and it integrates well with our Atlassian ecosystem,” says Kurt Chase, director of release engineering. “And our developers love using it.”

According to Chase, the move to Git and Bitbucket has resulted in faster development cycles, deeper integrations, increased transparency, and a more unified development platform.

“It’s been a tremendous success. We’re amazed at how quickly our engineering team has been able to get up to speed with Git as a result of using Bitbucket,” says Chase.

With Git and Bitbucket, we’re able to complete 3x as many code reviews, which ultimately results in fewer bugs, fewer support tickets, and better software.— Kurt Chase, director of release engineering, Splunk

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