Meet some of the peeps that make up one kick-ass engineering team

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Coders gonna code

Atlassian engineers like to get their hands dirty and build stuff. Whether crafting elegant JavaScript, building mobile apps, or architecting a scalable cloud platform with micro-services on AWS, our engineering team creates products that help teams build whatever they imagine. Teams using our software have helped get the Mars Curiosity Rover into space, develop the cochlear implant, and build thousands of products launched to millions of customers.

There's tons of technical know-how across our team (including our two founder engineers). Work side-by-side with the world’s best developers, and push yourself to the limit of what you can create. What’s more, spend time once a quarter going full out on ShipIt, and feel empowered to work on what inspires you most.

New to coding? There's a lot more to the job than just the 0s and 1s. Check out our ebook "Hello World!" for essays and advice from our developers on how to be a great teammate.

“As an engineer, I’m allowed to take up to 20% of my time to work on personal projects. These projects can be anything—from back end and process improvements to new product ideas.”

— Nick Menere
Development Manager, Jira