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Learning Git can be a daunting task. Git’s plethora of commands combined with its distributed nature can be overwhelming for new users, but this doesn’t have to be the case.

Atlassian's Git Tutorial provides an approachable introduction to Git revision control by not only explaining fundamental Git commands, but also relating each command to your existing SVN workflow.

Atlassian Git Tutorial

1. Git Basics

If you've never used Git before, this is the place to start. The Git Basics tutorial shows you how to configure your Git installation, set up a new repository, and use the fundamental Git workflow to record revisions of your project.

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Git Tutorial: Basics

2. Undoing Changes

Being able to record the history of a software project is useless without the ability to restore old revisions. This tutorial covers how to view old commits, revert the changes they contain, and reset uncommitted changes.

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Git Tutorial: Undoing Changes

3. Git Branches

Branches are a safe, reliable way to work on multiple versions of a project within a single repository. This tutorial discusses the differences between Git's branching model and SVN's, and shows you how to create, view, and merge independent lines of development.

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Git Tutorial: Branches

4. Rewriting Git History

Git affords a lot of flexibility when it comes to rewriting your project history, and this can lead to some dangerous situations. In this tutorial, we'll learn how to clean up old commits without losing snapshots or destroying Git's collaboration workflow.

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Git Tutorial: Rewriting History

5. Remote Repositories

Git's ability to communicate with remote repositories is the foundation of every Git-based collaboration workflow. This tutorial covers the fundamental commands for moving commits between repositories.

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Git Tutorial: Remote Repositories

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