Track any type of process in your organization

Any type of Operations team, use JIRA Core for:

Ad delivery

Infrastructure maintenance

Program deployments


Medical trials & research

Manage operations projects

Visualize your process on a Jira Core Cloud board and never miss a step. Track the progress of your projects by watching tasks large and small move ahead from to-do to done.

Boards are available in Jira Core Cloud only. 

Be in the know

Monitor operations details

See the details and the status of each task in one place, along with every team member's comments and feedback. Everyone's on the same page - literally.

Measure operations team performance

With all the information about your projects at your fingertips, you'll be able to find what you need and report on it with ease.



Be organized

Operations teams can move faster with these Jira Core features

Business templates

Define and track your processes with business templates that you can customize to match how your operations team works.

Task details

Put what your team needs to be successful in one place, like schedules, maintenance dates, compliance details, and much more.


Use @mentions to get the attention of the right team member and make sure their feedback is included so decisions are made faster.


With dashboards and reports, get a quick and in-depth view into the current status of your projects. See what's done, and what still needs doing.

Use Jira Core to keep things moving in any operational process

Now Operations teams can stay organized and stay on track.

Jira has become a valuable tool that helps us maintain a clear understanding of our business as we scale and take on more and more projects. It helps us rise to the challenges and stay organized as we grow. —Tina Mai, Director of Ad Operations
Gilt, YP, BlackRock, Splunk, and Spotify

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