ACP-400 Jira Service Desk Administration

ACP Certification | Jira Service Desk Administrator | Jira Service Desk

Atlassian Certified in Jira Service Desk Administration

Jira Service Desk Administrators manage, customize, and configure Jira Service Desk from within the Jira user interface. ACP Certification in Jira Service Desk Administration covers the skills needed to set up and optimize Jira Service Desk for any service management team.

The Jira Service Desk Administration exam retired on 28 February 2021. 

Credential holders should maintain their ACP-JSD Certfication with Badges in order to be eligible to bridge  easily to new future Certifications for Jira Service Management. Active credential holders will be recognized by Atlassian until 2 February 2024. 

  • You have at least one to two years of experience administering Jira Service Desk Server.
  • You can interpret business requirements to design your Jira Service Desk queues and SLAs.
  • You can integrate and manage a Confluence Knowledge Base to support your operations.
  • You can customize Jira Service Desk reports and use them to identify trends and gain greater efficiencies.
  • You can keep Jira Service Desk healthy because you grasp how your choices affect performance, scalability, and day-to-day manageability.
  • You can manage workflows, schemes, and other features of Jira Service Desk to support your service teams' needs.
  • You know how to take advantage of Atlassian resources and community to help your team implement best practices.

Exam details

Exam Number

ACP-400 (available through 28 February 2021)


Jira Service Desk Long Term Support Releases

Maintain your certification

Your Certification is valid for 24 months.  We encourage you to keep your Certification in active status so you can easily bridge to the replacement Certification in the future.

To keep your Certification active, simply earn a related Atlassian Pro Skills Badge before the expiration date. Adding Pro Skills Badges will extend your Certification for 24 months from the activity completion date. 

There are two types of Pro Skills credential:

  • APB: Earned by passing an online-proctored exam from your home or office. The exam is based on a recommended Atlassian University course.
  • ASB: Earned by taking a free Skillbuilder course. To complete the requirements, you must pass an online assessment based on the course.

To keep all your Pro Skills Badges active, simply add a new one every 24 months.