ASB-114 Scaling Jira Server

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The Scaling Jira Skillbuilder course will retire on 15th June 2021.  That is the last day you can enroll. 

Take the free Skillbuilder course

The Scaling Jira Skillbuilder course will help you learn how to solve your current scaling problems and plan proactively for future growth. It covers the most common factors that can affect your Jira instance as it grows.

You can use the Skillbuilder course to:

  • learn new skills and then earn the badge to show your accomplishment
  • prepare for your Atlassian Certification exam
  • refresh your skills so you can earn the badge and extend your related Certifications' active period


Earn the Pro Skills badge 

Follow the course by taking the online assessment to earn your badge. You can earn the Pro Skills badge any time after completing the Skillbuilder course.

  • Your badge will initially be valid for 24 months from the date you earn it.  To keep it active, simply earn any other Pro Skills badge. 
  • Deciding when to earn your badges is important if you hold or intend to earn an Atlassian Certification – see Timing your Badge for details.

Pro Skills badge details

Step 1: Skillbuilder Course
  • To earn this badge, you are first required to take the Atlassian Skillbuilder online course.
  • The Skillbuilder course is free.
  • We recommend downloading the Slides and Transcript PDF from the Resources section of the training platform and using them to follow along with the instructor.
  • Review the notes carefully before taking the assessment.
  • Enroll in the Skillbuilder course.



You can take the Pro Skills online assessment any time after completing the Skillbuilder training.

  • Log in to the Certification Portal.
  • Click Schedule and Take Exams to go to the testing site.
  • Select and register for the online Pro Skills badge assessment.

If you passed, your new Atlassian Pro Skills badge will appear in the Certification Portal within 1-2 days. If you did not pass, you can register again. The retake fee is the same as the initial fee.

For support, submit a ticket to the Atlassian Certification Team here

Exam Number



Non-proctored online at your own location


Jira Software Server Long Term Support Release

Registration Availability



USD $20 (+ tax)

Exam Time

60 minutes

Pass Score

Skillbuilder attendance + 15/21 on the quiz.




Timing your Badge

Plan your badge activities carefully with these considerations:

  • After you take the Skillbuilder course, you can take the assessment to earn the badge immediately, or you can choose to wait, and earn the badge only when you need it to extend a related Certification.
  • Earning a badge will extend any related Certifications by 24 months from the badge earned date, providing you earn it before the Suspension Date of your Certifications. 
  • You can still earn a badge during the 90-day Suspension period. If you earn a badge during the Suspension period, your badge will extend your Certification by 24 months from the Certification Suspension Date.
  • Your badge will extend only Certifications you already hold. Earning a badge before earning a Certification will have no effect on the Certification.