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DocuSign provides e-signature technology and services for managing digital contracts and signed documents.

The 300-person Engineering and Technical Operations group at DocuSign, responsible for product and feature development, began working in agile in 2014. When they grew to 30 teams across different locations and time zones in 2016, they needed to add more process without losing their agile team culture. “We wanted to remain as flexible and agile at the team level as we could,” says Steve Graykowski, director of program management at DocuSign.

DocuSign turned to Atlassian, implementing Jira for project management, Confluence for collaboration and reporting, and Hipchat for team discussion and notifications. The integrated solution helps the teams stay agile by enabling them to incorporate design thinking, agile development, and release management into their process.

DocuSign uses integrations to automate tasks and get visibility into the development process. For example, an Atlassian and DocuSign integration helps the teams collect release authentication signatures; Hipchat notifies the group when the DocuSign form is out for signature, and the form includes a Jira link with background information and discussion from the Hipchat room. “Now we have a secure, compliant, and 100% auditable process to do release authorization,” says Kunal Arora, senior program manager at DocuSign.

While Hipchat provides triggers on Jira projects, for reporting and visibility, the group relies on Confluence, also integrated with Jira. For instance, developers flag status and risk items in Confluence for weekly meetings with leadership, and the Release Management team uses Confluence for an audit trail of changes and justifications.

To further customize and extend Atlassian software, DocuSign leverages Marketplace plug-ins like Lucidchart diagrams for Jira. “Lucidchart allows all of our co-located team members to collaborate quickly and create a sprint-by-sprint plan that’s presented at our quarterly planning sessions,” explains Graykowski.

Atlassian gives DocuSign a flexible cross-organization planning platform with metrics to track progress. Now, teams collaborate across time zones with a better understanding of process and priorities, so they can be agile and respond to changes quickly during the release cycle. By scaling agile with Atlassian, the Engineering team went from a project delivery rate of 53% in 2014 to 86% in 2016.

To learn more about how DocuSign scaled agile with Atlassian, watch the Atlassian 2016 Summit presentation.


Now we have a secure, compliant, and 100% auditable process to do release authorization.

— Kunal Arora, senior program manager, Docusign

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