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Be The Match is the largest DNA registry in the world, operated by the nonprofit National Marrow Donor Program. It focuses on finding life-saving bone marrow transplants for blood cancer patients through its registry of 30 million potential donors.

Be The Match develops software for transplant centers that connect donors who match the genetic makeup of cancer patients. Before Atlassian, the organization's development team had disparate homegrown and one-off vendor solutions, resulting in duplicate efforts and lack of visibility across engineering, business owners, and leadership.

The engineering group started using Jira, and for the first time could track, coordinate, and deploy multiple complex initiatives concurrently. “Since installing Jira, we've already implemented over 20 projects. A lot of teams who were hesitant to adopt the agile methodology embraced it because Jira made it easy,” says Chris Irwin, principal in the IT Center of Excellence.

Following this success, Be the Match rolled out the full Atlassian stack. The teams integrated Jira with Bitbucket, switching from CVS and SVN, to manage code and security restrictions to comply with HIPAA. “Before, we couldn’t give individuals different levels of access. Now there’s a culture shock to that mindset: ‘Yes, now we CAN do it!’” says Irwin. They’ve adopted Bamboo for continuous integration and delivery, and Confluence for managing documentation, use cases, and requirements. “The thing we like most about the Atlassian tools is that they're all integrated together so we don't duplicate work,” says Mike McCullough, chief information officer.

One massive initiative using the Atlassian platform will provide a modern interface and faster searches by unifying legacy applications involved in donor and recipient search management. The integrated Atlassian suite aligns teams across the US and Europe for all projects involved. “The technology in our industry is constantly changing. We needed a suite of development tools that could help us build the transplant center management platform of the future, and so we chose Atlassian to partner with,” says McCullough.  

Atlassian empowers Be The Match to develop critical, life-saving applications that improve the donor matching process. “The improved efficiency, speed, and quality has helped us put more cures for cancer into the hands of our transplant center physicians,” says McCullough.  

The improved efficiency, speed, and quality has helped us put more cures for cancer into the hands of our transplant center physicians.— Mike McCullough, chief information officer, Be The Match

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