Win $10,000 for your charity and a trip to Atlassian Summit.

Are you an Atlassian Community License holder? Could your organisation use an extra $10,000? Of course it could! That's why you should submit an entry for our Do-Gooder Award.

How to Enter

It's simple – just describe the impact our Community License contribution has had on your organization or the lives of the people that you serve.

Your story is a powerful lesson to other non-profits and for-profits. With these awards we hope to collect and share hundreds of stories from our thousands of Community License customers.

Have fun with your submission: haikus, songs, videos, and animations are not only allowed, but encouraged!

The Prizes

The winning charity will receive a $10,000 donation, a ticket to Atlassian Summit in San Francisco, plus a flight and hotel.

  • Summit ticket is $899 value (May 30th - June 1st in San Francisco)
  • $500 towards round trip airfare to San Francisco for Summit
  • Two nights accommodation in San Francisco ($750 value)

Additionally, the remaining top nine finalists will each receive a $250 donation.

Dates, Deadlines, Deliveries

Submissions have closed! The top 10 finalists will be notified May 17th and the winner will be announced at Atlassian Summit, May 30th - June 1st. Stay tuned!



Rules & Fine Print

  • If you submit a video entry, please keep it to under 5 mins.
  • If you submit a written entry, please keep it to under 800 words. You must also submit some photos that relate to your entry.
  • All Atlassian Community license holders are eligible.
  • It doesn't matter where in the world your charity is located.
  • It is not necessary to submit multiple entries if you use multiple Atlassian products.
  • By submitting your entry you give Atlassian your consent to publish your entry in part or in its entirety.
  • View complete rules and regulations

Check out last year's winner: The International Potato Center (CIP)

  • International Potato Center

    The International Potato Center, known by its Spanish acronym CIP, was founded in 1971 as a root and tuber research-for-development institution delivering sustainable solutions to the pressing world problems of hunger, poverty, and the degradation of natural resources...

    Click below to learn more about CIP and view their awesome application from last year. Now get creative and tell us how we've helped YOU help others!