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A Little Prep Goes a Long Way: Planning your next Jira Server Upgrade

Track 1


This track will explore the ideas and practices to further the agile journey for developers, testers, agile enthusiasts and learners. Share your stories on quality assurance with a focus on the agile environment, use cases that put theory into practice, and Scrum best practices.

After Agile, DevOps, and Lean IT: Modern Methodology in the Age of Disruption

Track 2

Atlassian Admin

This track is all about managing, upgrading, and supporting the Atlassian stack. Share best practices on how to get started, how to get the most out of the Atlassian stack and how to roll-out Atlassian to your organization.

Advocating Adoption: Best Practices for User-Friendly Jira Configurations

Track 3

Beyond Tech Teams Use Cases

This track is about how non-tech teams across an organization use Atlassian. Inspire others with new and interesting use cases.

Architecting Atlassian for Healthcare and FDA Compliance

Track 4


This track is about how development and operation teams are breaking down silos and working more effectively together. Share how your teams have brought visibility and better collaboration into the software development and operation process.

Can DevOps and ITSM be BFFs?

Track 5

People, Practices, & Culture -
the Future of Work

This track will cover trends affecting the future of work and strategies that allow teams to grow and thrive. Share with us the culture and practices that enable your teams to adapt and work more openly.

Being Intentional About Teaming

Track 6

Personal & Work Productivity 

This track focuses on the tools and practices that improve productivity in your personal life and work life.

Be More Productive with Confluence

Track 7

Planning, Collaboration & Tracking 

This track is all about how to optimize project planning, collaboration, measurement and tracking. Share your use cases and tips on creating faster feedback loops, developing meaningful reports, and keeping everyone on the same page.

Concept to Launch: The Ultimate Confluence Guide for Software Teams

Track 8

Scaling Atlassian

This track is all about how to run Atlassian at scale in enterprise organizations. Share how you and your team set up Atlassian for high availability, scalability, and performance.

60 Million Customers in 14 Years: How Klarna Managed Extreme Growth with Atlassian

Track 9

Service & Support

This track covers all topics from end user support to managing IT services. Share how your IT teams collaborate, operate, and deliver solutions fast in a service-first world.

Agile ITSM: New Ways of Working for High Velocity Teams

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