Leading Canadian digital media company goes agile with Atlassian


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When someone says "yellow pages," most of us think of the print directory delivered to homes once a year. But Canada’s Yellow Pages Group (YPG) has evolved from traditional print into one of the country’s largest digital media companies.

YPG's mission is to support neighborhood economic growth by building strong relationships between Canadian businesses and local consumers. It does this through YellowPages.ca, RedFlagDeals.com, and various mobile applications for iOS and Android that connect businesses with their target customers.

More than 10 development teams work on the media properties, and they’ve gone agile with the help of Atlassian. YPG's various product teams manage development work in Jira and use Confluence Team Calendars for cross-platform release schedules.

“By making better decisions, we're able to release software more quickly,” says Maurizio Mancini, director of QA at YPG.

Even non-development teams like Marketing, Manufacturing, and Service have jumped onboard with Jira – about 1,000 people total. YPG was able to get everyone up to speed quickly.

The barrier to deploying Jira and getting value out of it quickly is very low.— Paul Ryan, CTO, YPG