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PlantMiner, a leading marketplace for civil construction projects in Australia, is breaking the market's old habits for sourcing contractors and equipment. They offer customers a better solution than using the yellow pages, cold calling or blindly searching on Google – a simple, trusted marketplace that connects builders and suppliers, and allows a quick and easy way to get quotes online. Their team of 60 employees and 15 developers help over 30,000 active searchers to hire the right businesses from thousands of suppliers, nationwide.

PlantMiner, during their start-up phase, had a small team with a large codebase which slowed down deploying new features to their customers. It was critical to get feedback quickly to improve their product. They needed a centralized tool to collaborate on code and automate manual steps in their process to free up developer time. They moved off GitHub and adopted Bitbucket because it was a single tool for their source code, had a built-in continuous delivery solution, and had a seamless integration with Jira. "We wanted to keep everything together and roll it out as fast as possible," says Tibor, VP of Engineering at PlantMiner. 

By adopting the Atlassian suite, PlantMiner was able to speed up their development process and release to customers faster.

It was easy to get started and set up Bitbucket, and since it was integrated with Jira, they worked more efficiently by connecting commits and pull requests to issues in Jira. Tibor explains, "All of our processes are built in Jira, and with the Bitbucket integration, all our development details are visible from Jira issues."

PlantMiner also found that having a CI/CD solution in Bitbucket gave them more flexibility and speed than managing a separate tool. "With Pipelines, we can manage our entire development workflow in Bitbucket, from code to deployment, all in a single platform. It gives us a unified experience," says Tibor, "Now we use Pipelines to run tests, build, and deploy. It's automated, fast, and we can run as many concurrent builds as necessary without waiting in the queue."

With Bitbucket Pipelines, engineering teams release early and often. "We accelerate release cycles from once per month to twice per week, allowing QA and product teams to test early and get customer feedback quickly," says Tibor, "Small releases also help engineers avoid the risk of merge conflicts." With the time-based release, they gain high quality code, low-risk release, faster time to market and a happier team.

Bitbucket Pipelines brings automated testing and a one-stop CI/CD solution to PlantMiner, empowering them to release often with confidence. They are now using Pipelines to enhance their user experience. "With better feedback, we're making it easier for users to find what they need."says Belinda Walsh, Group Marketing Manager at PlantMiner.

Bitbucket Pipelines helps us to be lean and efficient. Our development process is faster and we release more often.— Tibor Halasz, VP of Engineering, PlantMiner

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