Orbitz Worldwide migrates to Git with help from Atlassian




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Orbitz Worldwide is a leading online travel site operating in more than 180 countries and generating more than $11 billion in travel transactions annually. That means every second that its websites are down equates to millions of dollars lost.

Previously, Orbitz developers used a centralized version control system, but it wasn't scaling well with the company. It was too slow, for starters – remote teams faced long delays when trying to make changes to the code.

To ensure the fastest, smoothest e-commerce experience possible, Orbitz’s development teams switched to Git and Bitbucket, Atlassian’s Git repository management for enterprise teams, because of its enterprise support out of the box.

Choosing Bitbucket to store Git source code was a no-brainer for Orbitz, given its easy integration with other Atlassian products. Orbitz's primary motivation in selecting Bitbucket was "to make it easier to integrate new and existing tools into our source control," says Alex Holtz, senior software engineer. "By improving our developers' process, we speed up the time it takes us to turn around changes and improve our websites.”

Orbitz also relies heavily on Jira, Confluence, and other Atlassian products throughout the software development process. The top-notch integration between Bitbucket and other Atlassian products has saved Orbitz a lot of time and hassle. "The integration between Jira and Bitbucket was beautiful, incredibly simple, and easy – it literally took five minutes to integrate the two!" says Holtz.

Mobile app developers at Orbitz are using the same tools but in a unique way. The small team faces the challenge of maintaining six apps for each of the company’s seven international brands. To manage the work efficiently, the team implemented a continuous integration pipeline using Atlassian. The pipeline helps the team maintain a common code base while incorporating different configurations for each brand. As a result, they now are able to do a production deployment every three days.

The entire migration to Git and Bitbucket took about 2,500 work-hours and has saved Orbitz hundreds of thousands of dollars compared with its previous source control system.

The pull requests and built-in support for code review from Bitbucket have "improved the quality of our code review process," says Holtz. And in doing so, Orbitz has been able to discover bugs early on, which has led to "the potential to generate significant savings," Holtz adds.

To learn more about the mobile teams process and methodology, watch the Orbitz Atlassian Summit 2015 presentation.

Bitbucket has made it possible for us to have enterprise controls and the flexibility of Git’s open-source features. By improving our developers' process, we speed up the time it takes us to turn around changes and improve our websites.— Alex Holtz, senior software engineer, Orbitz