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Global Healthcare Exchange (GHX) connects hospitals and suppliers through a cloud-based trading exchange. This software helps healthcare companies lower costs, increase operational efficiency, and provide better care for patients.


In 2014, GHX decided to adopt Git and agile practices across its 70+ Engineering team. Working in a heavily regulated industry, GHX felt they needed tools that met strict security standards. For example, Git on its own didn’t provide the user management protections GHX needed, and tools like GitHub made the company nervous because intellectual property – code – wouldn't reside behind the firewall.


As a result, GHX brought in Bitbucket Server to protect and manage its source code. As Michael Johnson, head of change and release management said, "Bitbucket Server gave us the security and protections we needed. With Bitbucket Server, administrators can add security measures and controls like branch permissions, merge checks, and merge strategies to control how teams manage, review, and merge code.

Over a two-year period, the team also added Jira Software to manage workflows, Bamboo to automate continuous integration, and Confluence for documentation and collaboration. Atlassian Platinum Expert cPrime provided training on their usage and integration of Jira and Bamboo.  By standardizing on Atlassian, engineering is successfully moving towards continuous integration and “the full Atlassian integration has dramatically improved our processes and productivity,” says Johnson. A typical workflow begins when Product Management enters stories in the Jira backlog. Developers process these stories while another ticket is created in Jira to track release activity and manage the release cycle all the way through to Production.

Other teams across GHX also rely on Atlassian. Many departments like HR use Confluence to broadcast event information to employees, and the executive team uses Confluence to track and store monthly operational documents, action items, and company performance. Meanwhile, Jira Service Desk has been adopted by many groups for service management. IT uses it for infrastructure and application support, HR uses it for managing employee processing, and finance uses it for purchase order tracking and invoice approvals.


By standardizing on Atlassian, engineering can more quickly and efficiently develop their supply chain software to help reduce healthcare costs.  At the same time, GHX administrators have the protections and security they need to meet industry regulations.

“The full Atlassian integration has dramatically improved our processes and productivity.”— Michael Johnson, head of the Change and Release Management groups, GHX

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