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Federated Media, a Media General company, drives engagement for brands through native content and advertising solutions. Using its proprietary social technology, the content marketing company connects brands to a community of content producers with an audience of 240 million consumers.

In the last few years, Federated Media has gone through major transitions, including changes in ownership and type of business. Teams needed a flexible solution to help them efficiently manage new types of projects as well as scale quickly.

Federated Media turned to Atlassian Cloud, starting with Jira Software in engineering for agile project management. With Jira, developers now get up and running quickly and keep projects on track, even as new contractors join or project scope grows with longer time frames.

Says Taylor Pate, director of engineering: “Knowing you have the most secure and up-to-date version on the cloud is helpful when you have contractors and employees coming in and out. Flexibility has been great – being able to add resources, manage permissions, and having the security – that’s been a very good fit.“

Engineering uses Confluence to onboard and train developers and document processes more efficiently. Confluence also helps cross-team collaboration for things like requirements gathering.  

“It’s the first place that everyone goes to look up information," says Pate. "Confluence has been a timesaver for getting started with a new story or a new developer, or when we need to go back to a project that no one’s worked on for a while.” As more teams are exposed to the benefits, interest in Confluence is spreading.

Also, Hipchat Cloud has transformed how all teams communicate companywide. HipChat has been easy to maintain and integrate with different services. Adds Pate, “We use it for notifications, so our apps can talk to the HipChat API and notify individuals or rooms, which is really helpful for a lot of things.”

The affordable, flexible cloud-based solution has improved efficiency and communication at Federated Media. With Atlassian, new developers are committing code on their first day, everyone is more conscious of process, and communication is now open and efficient.  

At the same time, Atlassian Cloud frees up valuable time and resources for the growing company.  As Pate says: “There’s one less thing to maintain and deal with when you use the cloud solutions...Atlassian Cloud gives us more time to focus on what matters.”

Atlassian Cloud gives us more time to focus on what matters.— Taylor Pate, director of engineering, Federated Media

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