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Love DevOps? Wait 'Till You Meet SRE

Nick Wright, Atlassian

A crucial transition is taking place at Atlassian... we can feel our DNA evolving a little each day. Our focus is always on the future, and that future will mean rallying behind a cloud-first strategy. In doing so, we have the unique opportunity to re-imagine the way we run our services and get behind a modern approach to distribute our operations function and optimize for scale. This talk will cover the steps we've taken on that journey as we build site reliability engineering, an operations approach pioneered by industry champs like Netflix. We'll talk about the concept, how it applies at Atlassian, the wins we have achieved, and learning you can bring back to your team.

Products covered: JIRA Software, JIRA Service Desk

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Nick Wright is the head of Site Reliability Engineering at Atlassian. With 10 years’ experience in IT operations roles in New Zealand, UK and Australia, Nick’s focus is on making sure our cloud applications and infrastructure are performing top notch, and is keen to share how we do it while scaling fast. Outside of work, he’s an avid cyclist and gamer. He’s married and has a lovely little girl.