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10 Tips to Pump Up Your Atlassian Performance

Boris Berenberg, Atlassian

Brian Tom, Atlassian

Hans and Franz are here to pump YOU up. Well, pump your Atlassian tools up, that is. Has your JIRA slowed down? Does your Confluence fall over and can't get back up? We're here to give you some tactical tips on how to take your performance to the next level. We'll reveal best practices from Atlassian support's secret arsenal, teach you how to configure JIRA, Confluence, and other products to get the most out of your system, and focus on small and easy changes that you can implement quickly.

Products covered: JIRA Software, JIRA Service Desk, JIRA Core, Confluence

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Boris Berenberg, Atlassian

Boris has 3.5 years on the front lines of Atlassian's JIRA support team where he has helped everyone from 1 man shops to multinational organizations for whom JIRA is the core of their business. He is the former administrator for Atlassian's support portal (, has worked over 2500 support tickets, frequently provides feedback on the Atlassian community website (, and regularly contributes to Atlassian's knowledge base articles. He is the author of the Confluence Markdown Macro add-on. His career experience spans 11+ years in operations and IT. Feel free to come find him at the Support Bar where he can answer your questions.

Brian Tom, Atlassian

Brian Tom is a Senior Support Engineer at Atlassian, and has been with the company for more than two years. With a focus on supporting Confluence and Crowd, he delights in helping customers with everything from basic usage questions, to problematic deployments, to performance improvements, and relishes the challenge that every new issue presents. A technology autodidact, he credits Atlassian for providing him with the amazing opportunity to learn as much as he can to help make customers awesome. In his free time, he practices Capoeira, reads dystopian novels, and recites Monty Python skits to no one in particular.