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What Awesome Sauce Tastes Like: Getting & Keeping Your Teams Healthy... the Atlassian Way

Dominic Price, Atlassian

Ben Crothers, Atlassian

Join Atlassian veterans Dominic and Ben for the story of how and why we created a little thing called the Atlassian Team Health Monitor. They show you how you can use it to harness the power and increase the confidence of your own healthy teams.

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Dominic Price, Atlassian

Born to Joy in the harsh Manchester winter of '77, Dom has traversed many countries and many industries. His work experience spans technology consulting and business advisory in industries such as telco, consumer goods, manufacturing and software. He also spent 3 years helping a global gaming company improve their product development muscle, including a 7 month stint in India. Now Dom calls Atlassian home.

Ben Crothers, Atlassian

If robots are going to do all the regular work for us, what will we do? Great work, that's what. Rethinking. Exploring. Questioning. Creating. And helping each other do all that. That's Ben's jam. Ben is a design strategist, mentor and team leader. He's been in the online industry from when Netscape Navigator ruled the www, and at Atlassian for the last 2 years. He enjoys helping take business strategy into well-designed experiences with research, creativity techniques, sketching, prototyping and testing. When not doing these things, Ben engages in extreme sports like painting, brewing beer, and cooking mexican . He probably quotes Marshall McLuhan too much, and eats too many salt and vinegar chips.