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Cutting Through the Noise: Breaking Down Hierarchical Communication Channels and Silos

Ron Romain, Atlassian

As organizations grow to 100's of employees, expand to multiple offerings, or step out into multiple geographies, they can naturally develop siloed and hierarchical communication channels which hinder transparency, scale, and operational agility. Learn how Atlassian has tackled these problems by creating simple, highly visible, and cross-cutting communication channels all while helping to empower teams and encourage autonomy; built using the power of JIRA and using microservices as the vehicle to generate customised views and weekly communications tailored to each user.

Products covered: JIRA Software


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Ronald Romain is the Program Manager for Dev Tools at Atlassian with 10 years experience in the software engineering space, but don't let the job tittle mislead you. He has a dislike for complicated manual reports, red-tape, and meticulously maintained gantt charts. He loves technology and tinkering and getting the right tools into the hands of those who need it to help build fast moving, agile, autonomous teams. His passion lies in breaking down traditional patterns of project/program management and enabling small teams to operate effectively and autonomously in growing organisations while still providing much needed information and insight to leadership and stakeholders.