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How to Take a Business Team from Waterfall to Agile

Jim Rabon, NetApp, Inc.

Samuel Wong, NetApp, Inc.

Think agile is just for software shops? Think again. NetApp will show you how they helped a digital marketing department at a Fortune 500 company move from waterfall to agile – with Atlassian tools, of course. The result? The department pulled off a complete overhaul of their website in just seven weeks (a project that was originally forecasted at 3-6 months)! Jim and Samuel will share how they built a case for agile, and how the transition provided a more efficient workflow for the rank n' file while giving management more visibility in to projects.

Products covered: JIRA Software, Confluence

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Jim Rabon, NetApp, Inc.

Jim Rabon is a Senior Manager at NetApp, a Fortune 500 Computer Storage and Data Management company based in Sunnyvale, California. Jim works out of the Research Triangle Park offices in Raleigh, NC. Shortly after joining NetApp, Jim was inspired by the potential of Agile and Atlassian tools and how they could be leveraged to improve project process and operations. Jim is a leader within NetApp's Digital Marketing team, who championed iterative and collaborative approaches to rebrand and redesign the global Website in seven weeks. Jim lead the team in making technology and project process improvements that would influence all of Digital marketing. Prior to joining NetApp, Jim worked in various capacities with the Web at IBM, Lenovo, and Cisco.

Samuel Wong, NetApp, Inc.

As the Product Owner Team Lead for Digital Marketing at NetApp Inc., Sam Wong recently led the department’s transition to the AGILE framework, an initiative he also undertook in a previous position with a digital agency. In addition to this initiative, Sam oversees the product owner team at NetApp Inc. In his capacity as product owner, he engages with stakeholders to gather user requirements and manage and prioritize the backlog for the Enterprise website. Additional responsibilities include building and maintaining the product roadmap and leading cross-functional teams to deliver shippable products, as well as being ultimately responsible for the entire product owner team.