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Building Fast Growth Into Your Products Using Data-Informed Design

Alastair Simpson, Atlassian

There's a thing called "time to value": how long it takes a team to uncover and realize value from a product. Atlassian learned this the hard way, discovering that more than half of new customers tried its products for less than 30 minutes – far too short a time to fully unlock their value. We approached and solved this problem using data-informed design – a combination of growth hacking, user research, data analytics, and A/B testing at scale – to dramatically increase customer engagement with our products. Come hear lead designer Alastair Simpson describe the variety of approaches we started with and how we learned which ones to pursue and which ones to discard. You'll learn how to design and centralise improved onboarding experiences that can be spread across all your products.

Products covered: Confluence

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Alastair has 10 years of experience in user experience design at large growth focussed businesses. Alastair is currently Head of Design for Confluence. He is a passionate advocate of using lean customer centric design and design thinking methodologies to solve complex business problems and has helped many teams see its benefits and transition to leaner approaches to product development. Previously Alastair worked at global publishers Reed Business Information as well as a digital consultancy firm consulting to Qantas, FOXTEL and Telstra. His areas of expertise include design thinking, lean customer centric design, and program management.