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How Atlassian Uses Analytics to Build Better Products

Reed Johnson, Atlassian

It's generally understood that data, when used correctly, can be used to build great products that grow like bamboo; but it's never obvious how to do so. Over the last 3 years, Atlassian has grown its Product Analytics team from 1 analyst to 12 (a 1200% increase!) and 0kb of data to over 6TB (infinite % increase). Come find out how we've built a team, metrics, and a culture of data within engineering at Atlassian. Most importantly, learn how to unlock the power of data in your company and set a growth trajectory for your product.

Products covered: JIRA SoftwareConfluence

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Reed Johnson, Atlassian

Reed Johnson joined Atlassian 4 years ago and has helped spearhead the data revolution within the company. He's seen the company grow from 0kb to 5TB of product data, and felt the aches and pains along the way. As a Product Analyst, he works to make sure Product People (Devs, PMs, Designers) use data correctly to build great products.