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Documentation Domination: How to Build a Knowledge Sharing Culture in 4 Easy Steps

Carolyn Sinon, Braintree

Elisabeth Gray, Braintree

Convincing a diverse group of highly-motivated people to get behind a single knowledge management strategy can be a challenge. Especially when everyone has their own opinions on how best to document a complex product. This session will show you examples of Braintree's content management successes (and failures) to illustrate the four steps we used to kickstart a documentation-minded culture with Confluence at its core. You'll also hear what's next on the documentation team's agenda and how we plan to continue our mission of domination through documentation.

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Carolyn Sinon, Braintree

Carolyn comes from an eclectic professional background, with a passion for writing, teaching, and collaboration. At Braintree, her primary focus is the maintenance and development of the public-facing support articles—spending most of her time making complex topics more digestible. In her free time, she's an actor, performer, and lover of good food.

Elisabeth Gray, Braintree

Liz started at Braintree in 2011 and discovered her passion for good documentation as part of the support team. She now leads a group of technical communicators on a mission to improve collaboration between Operations and Product teams. She also recently earned her Master’s in Global Technology and Development.