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Advanced Git Techniques: Subtrees, Grafting, and Other Fun Stuff

Nicola Paolucci, Atlassian

Your team has adopted Git, and are happily coding along. But is that all? Can you do more with it? You bet! Join the always-animated Nicola Paolucci to learn advanced techniques for grafting multiple repositories, managing project dependencies with git subtree, splitting commits, and finding the best merge strategy for your staging servers. If you've ever wondered how to collate the histories of different projects, or how to split a sub-directory into it's own project without destroying its history, this session is for you.

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Nicola is an all-round hacker who loves exploring and teaching bleeding edge technologies. He writes and talks about Git, development workflows, code collaboration and more recently about Docker. Prior to his current role as Developer Instigator at Atlassian he led software teams, built crowd sourcing applications for geo-spacial data, worked on huge e-commerce deployments. Little known facts about Nicola: he gesticulates a lot while speaking (being Italian), lives in Amsterdam and rides a Ducati.