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Building Kick-ass Tools for Millions of Developers with Bitbucket

Tim Pettersen, Atlassian

With over 2.5 million users, Bitbucket is an exciting platform to integrate with. Between static analysis, deployment, testing, and monitoring tools, there are amazing opportunities to create an uber-rich development experience. So join veteran Atlassian developer Tim Pettersen as he shows off Bitbucket's brand new integration framework and highlight best practices for building scalable, tightly integrated services that developers will love.

Products covered: Bitbucket

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I served a few years as a developer on the JIRA, FishEye/Crucible and Stash teams. In early 2013 I switched to Developer Relations to get out from behind the keyboard and meet some developers. These days I speak and blog about developer workflows, git, continuous integration/deployment and Atlassian's developer tools: especially Bitbucket & Stash. I regularly tweet about these things and other Atlassian arcana as @kannonboy.