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JIRA 7: New APIs, New Plugin Points, New JIRA

Dave Meyer, Atlassian

Filip Rogaczewski, Atlassian

It's time to rethink everything you know about JIRA add-ons. JIRA 7 introduces new technologies that make it possible to write new types of add-ons in Atlassian Connect. JIRA Ecosystem product manager Dave Meyer and development lead Filip Rogaczewski will introduce new APIs, extension points, and features to demonstrate how we're closing the gap between what you could do in JIRA Server and what's possible in JIRA Cloud.

Products covered: JIRA Software, JIRA Service DeskPortfolio for JIRA

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About the speakers

Dave Meyer, Atlassian

Dave is product manager for the JIRA platform at Atlassian. He looks after administration, search, and APIs. Previously, he worked on the Atlassian Marketplace. Since he moved to Sydney from San Francisco, he would prefer if you didn't talk about burritos in his presence.

Filip Rogaczewski, Atlassian

Filip Rogaczewski is a senior software developer, leading the team working on platform and Connect APIs in JIRA. Before joining Atlassian, he was working on graphics computing research and software for space exploration. If not hacking, you can find him wandering around the world.