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Demystifying Web Performance

Ian Grunert, Atlassian

"Measure first, then optimise" is an oft-cited maxim for developers. But you can't optimise without first understanding what factors influence a given measurement. Only then is it worth your time to start digging around in your code and infrastructure. Join Atlassian engineer Ian Grunert as he outlines the measurements exposed by the browser about the request lifecycle, and the areas of your web application contributing to each section. He'll also show you how the Confluence team uses Bamboo, Bitbucket (including Stash), Confluence, and JIRA to track the impact of performance improvements and reduce the chance of shipping performance regressions.

Products covered: JIRA SoftwareConfluence, Bitbucket

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Ian currently works at Atlassian where he has worked on JIRA, Stash and Confluence. He previously worked for Rising Sun Pictures and Maptek, and dabbled in some research, whilst completing his degree at Adelaide University. Ian enjoys discussing code over beer, and writing in the third person in speaker bios.