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Always on the Go: Developing Mobile Apps at Orbitz

Paul Turchenko, Orbitz

Mike Kelley, Orbitz

If your team has entered the brave new world of mobile app development, but aren't sure you're nailing the process, you're not alone. Orbitz faced this problem with their suite of mobile apps – and emerged victorious with the help of scrum, and Atlassian dev tools. Join Paul and Mike from Orbitz's mobile team to learn how they integrated JIRA with Bitbucket (including Stash) and SourceTree to help them coordinate the release cycles of 7 different brands, distributed across 5 different app stores worldwide. You'll also hear how they customized their build system to meet the needs of large-scale mobile development.

Products covered: JIRA SoftwareBitbucket

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About the speakers

Paul Turchenko, Orbitz

Paul is a hands-on Android developer, consultant, trainer and speaker with deep knowledge of Android software stack.

Mike Kelley, Orbitz

Mike Kelley is a Lead Engineer on the Android team at Orbitz Worldwide. As a Lead Engineer, he helps build and maintain features for seven different Android apps within the Orbitz brand portfolio— and in North America, in Europe, and more. When he's not working on new app features, Mike helps organize the team’s overall development efforts alongside his team manager and product managers. Mike hails from the University of Michigan. He joined Orbitz as a member of the Air Product Engineering team before transitioning to the Android team as a founding member in 2011. On late nights and weekends, Mike can be found thinking up new Android apps, such as FastTimes, a real-time bus & train tracking app available for several US cities.