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Taming the Legacy Monolith

Peggy Kuo, Atlassian

The hype and excitement around micro-services and shiny new technologies means we commonly overlook the big, hairy mammoth in the room: legacy monoliths. Comprised mostly of tribal knowledge and spaghetti code, they're hard to work with and deeply understood only by a few experts. So when it's time to update legacy code, these experts become bottlenecks. Join Atlassian developer Peggy Kuo as she provides you with practical ways to help the people on your team understand – and tame – the legacy monolith.

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Peggy is a senior developer at Atlassian who has worked across many different teams. From integration to plugins to purchasing, she's had a wide range of experience and is always hungry to learn more. She loves sharing her knowledge and has previously spoken at AtlasCamp, as well as other conferences like JSConfAsia. In her spare time, she loves creating weird and wonderful things, whether in code or in the real world.