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Creative Branching Models for Multiple Release Streams

Matt Shelton, Nuance Communications

Nuance Communications is making the move from SVN to Git! Why? To take advantage of its strong branching and merging capabilities... and to keep their developers happy. With wild variations between each product's release model, they have multiple releases of one or more components in play at a given time. So they had to get creative with a branching model. This talk will discuss choosing the right Git branching model for each of your release streams, and managing multiple releases using Bitbucket (including Stash), JIRA, Bamboo, and Maven.

Products covered: JIRA SoftwareBitbucket, Bamboo, Crucible

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Matt has been with Nuance since 2005, working across Technical Support and R&D for enterprise healthcare platforms. He occasionally moonlights in Operations when they let him. At present, Matt leads onshore and offshore development teams, and is the Atlassian aficianado , Apple geek, and general dev tools nerd for a good portion of the Nuance Healthcare division. Matt is a big fan of DevOps culture and tools, and has been working with some or all of the Atlassian stack since 2010.