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Game of Codes: the Battle for CI

Esther Asenjo, Atlassian

Atlassian faces the same issues as any other software company in the world. The battle for continuous integration glory is fought every day, and at stake is nothing less than our development and delivery speed. Join us to find out how we do it at Atlassian, powered by Bamboo. Because in the Game of Codes, you win... or you die.

Products covered: Bamboo

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I was born in Spain, and spent almost all my life there enjoying the relaxing lifestyle of my beautiful Andalusia. I decided to move to London due to work, and while I was there Atlassian came on a bus to Steal 15 Developers in 15 Days, one of our most successful recruitment campaigns ever. Lucky me, I was one of them. I got on the bus and moved to Sydney with my husband, around 3 years ago - where I have been enjoying the relaxing Aussie lifestyle. I guess it's normal I feel like home here. I am a Bamboo developer, and I am passionate about CI and CD, and about collaboration in general when building software.