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Walk on the Client Side

Chris Mountford, Atlassian

Well-engineered JavaScript is the best way to provide rich user experiences on the web today. However, there are many gnarly challenges to a modular approach on the client side, especially across multiple domains. In this talk we’ll cover the frameworks, techniques, and principles Atlassian uses to build a client-side application with authenticated server-side integration that is designed as an embeddable cross-domain component.

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Chris Mountford, Senior Developer, Atlassian

Chris started programming in the 1980s as a self-confessed, video game obsessed nerd-child and it seems he never lost the passion for making software! His career includes software engineering roles across the spectrum from consulting services to product development, from education to finance.

He is currently a Senior Developer at Atlassian's Sydney office, with more than 8 years hands-on experience developing JIRA. Chris is an entertaining and knowledgable speaker with many years of experience in different languages, frameworks, agile development practices and has a talent for conveying technical insights to a broad audience with clarity and conviction. His after-hours obsessions are cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and making electronic music.