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Taking the Friction Out of Ticket Investigation (Standardized Debugging Environments)

Charlie Sharpsteen, Puppet Labs

At Puppet labs, we used to investigate and analyze customer tickets with hand-built VM images, and hand-rolled setup scripts – and these varied from team to team. But with the wide variety of operating systems we support, we needed a better way to scale. This talk will cover how Puppet Labs has optimized the task of creating and configuring virtual environments for debugging and reproducing issues reported to our JIRA tracker with the help of Puppet, Packer, and Vagrant.

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Charlie Sharpsteen, Open Source Support Engineer, Puppet Labs

Charlie Sharpsteen is an open source support engineer at Puppet Labs where he spends his time pulling Puppet tools apart to figure out why the pieces work they way they do. Prior to joining Puppet Labs in 2013, Charlie was a civil engineering consultant working on hydrologic modeling and automated weather forecasting systems. In his spare time, Charlie can be found contributing to open source projects and has been a very active maintainer of the Homebrew package manager for OS X.