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Spiking Your Way to Improved Agile Development

Anatoli Kazatchkov, Atlassian

New feature development in agile should almost always start with a spike. Spikes help to define feature scope, uncover technical unknowns, and provide accurate estimates. In this session we will cover how to introduce spikes into your development cycles and show how Atlassian defines spike goals, focuses spike efforts, and makes feature development more effective.

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Anatoli Kazatchkov, Development Manager, Atlassian

Anatoli is a development manager on the Confluence team. Having worked on different teams such as Bamboo, Integration, and Confluence, he has experienced different approaches to agile development during his seven years working at Atlassian. Anatoli honed his skills working as a developer, team lead, and a development manager in both small and large teams on projects such as cross platform installer, JIRA-Confluence integration, and Bamboo Cloud. His latest projects include on-boarding new development teams and gradually introducing agile techniques to engineers who previously had little agile experience.