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Penny Wyatt, Atlassian

How can a team of 65 developers build and rapidly ship a high-quality product with only six QA engineers? At Atlassian, we’ve introduced the Quality Assistance model that changes the developer QA mindset, and engages developers in exploratory testing so software is developed right the first time. After all, the cheapest time to fix a bug is before it's written. Join us as we walk through the theory, history, and practice of the model, while busting some of the myths about developers and QA. Reject the tradeoff of time, scope, and quality, and finally have your cake and eat it too.

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Penny Wyatt, Senior QA Team Lead, Atlassian

With over 20 years of software industry experience, Penny Wyatt works at Atlassian as the senior QA team lead for the JIRA family and Service Desk teams. She leads a QA team of 8, supporting a team of over 80 developers distributed across Vietnam, Australia, and Poland.

Penny started her career as a software developer, but after joining Microsoft in Redmond as a developer in test, she discovered that breaking software is even more enjoyable than building it. After a few years of developing testing tools, she joined Atlassian and learned that true software quality comes not from improving testers but improving developers. Over the last four years, her team has successfully transformed JIRA's development cycle from nine months of inefficient and buggy coding, testing and bugfixing to two weeks of efficient and high-quality development.