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Product Strategy In a Growing Company

Des Traynor, Intercom

With a growing user base comes pressure to expand your feature set for tangential use cases. It's easy to get sucked into building a toolbox of related features, rather than a holistic product. In the short term a toolbox may help win more customers, but in the long term it hurts your product by making it difficult to market and even harder to adopt. Des will share his experience consulting with over 100 growing companies, helping them identify their core features, and orienting a product strategy around them. You'll get clear takeaways to help plan your product roadmap.

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Des Traynor, Co-Founder and Vice President of Customer Success, Intercom

Des leads Intercom's customer happiness teams. He uses the insights gained through daily interactions with customers to influence Intercom’s product roadmap. Prior to Intercom, Des was co-founder of developer tool Exceptional, which was acquired and is now part of Rackspace. Previously he was a UX designer for web applications. Des writes for the Inside Intercom blog, and is a regular conference speaker on topics such as product strategy, UX design, customer experience, and the business of start-ups.