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How JIRA Agile Is Transforming IT Culture at NYULMC

 Rebecca Reaves, NYU Langone Medical Center

Discover how NYU Langone Medical Center used JIRA Agile to transform a traditional IT culture into a lean, agile software development shop. Learn how they built an advanced scrum team to deliver an excellent product, and spread the gospel of agile methodology to other teams.

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Rebecca Reaves, Lead Solutions Analyst, NYU Langone Medical Center

Rebecca is a Product Management leader with a passion for increasing excellence and reducing waste. She uses agile methodologies and the JIRA Agile product suite to organize teams, requirements, and tasks and rapidly deliver high quality software products. She has a diverse background in industries such as publishing, banking, and web advertising, but she currently leads Product Management and Delivery for software products at NYU Langone Medical Center.