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Guaranteed Delivery: Delivering Infrastructure and Code Together

Matt Moor, Atlassian

In this talk, you will learn how to construct and operate an advanced continuous delivery pipeline for both infrastructure and code. Building on concepts from the DevOps movement and experiences from the Atlassian Build Engineering team, we will show how you can move the integration point between development and operations teams forward, facilitating collaboration, speed and quality.

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Matt Moor, Senior Build Engineer, Atlassian

Matt Moor is an experienced IT operations manager, with 16 years in the industry, most of it involving running or building large-scale cloud infrastructure and associated software. Matt has been with Atlassian for 3 years, first serving as the leader of Atlassian OnDemand's global operations team - responding to incidents and problems, and building the infrastructure needed to keep the service running smoothly. Most recently Matt has been working as part of the Build Engineering group, working with technologies such as Puppet, AWS, Vagrant and Packer to build and maintain the infrastructure required to keep Atlassian's software teams continuously delivering. Matt is passionate about lean, agile, automation and devops.