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Growth Experiments: A Journey, Not a Destination

Karen Cross, Atlassian

Great products are only great if they get used. On the Atlassian growth team, we investigate what our users engage with as a focal point for improving their experience across the board. We'll show how to design successful experiments to help users get more out of their products, and share several major findings. From cross-sells to tweaking elements, this talk will teach you how to tell a compelling story to delight your customers.

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Karen Cross, Design Manager, Atlassian

Karen Cross is the San Francisco design manager at Atlassian, and is passionate about creating compelling experiences that solve real user problems. Her background spans interaction design, user experience design, workflow analysis, and user research. While working at companies such as, Microsoft, and Adobe, she has pushed the future of online education, enabled elegant experiences for multimodal interaction between voice and touch input, drove formative research that led to Ford SYNC, and contributed to the research and design of Adobe Photoshop Elements.