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From Incremental & Iterative to Agile – What's the Right Process for Your Team?

Maurizio Mancini, Yellow Pages Group

Every software team has heard the phrase “going agile" and many consider themselves agile, but what does it mean to be truly agile? Implementing agile in a team takes commitment and is anything but “nimble and quick”. In fact, sometimes you need to become good at Incremental and Iterative Development (IID) before you can be Agile. In this talk, you will learn whether IID or Agile is right for your team, how to deploy and maintain a selected process, and how to make JIRA work for your development process.

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Maurizio Mancini, Yellow Pages Group

With over 25 years of software engineering experience in many industries, Maurizio has built and managed QA teams working in incremental and iterative and agile development. He also has extensive experience implementing the right process in places where no process exists, or where the existing process is just not working for the team. Maurizio has a sixth sense for QA and process, and is currently building and managing a team of over 70 QA people at YellowPages Canada.