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Becoming a Git Master

Nicola Paolucci, Atlassian

Wrapped in a single session, you'll find the concepts and techniques that convert the average Git practitioner into a master of the craft. We'll go from technical topics like "efficient conflict resolution" and "effective code cleanup," to the often-asked "how to handle project dependencies with Git" and "how to manage massive repositories." And much more.

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Nicola Paolucci, Evangelist, Atlassian

Nicola is an Evangelist at Atlassian. He writes and talks about git, development workflows, code collaboration and is an all-round hacker. Prior to Atlassian he lead software teams, built crowd sourcing applications for maps, worked on huge e-commerce deployments. Little known facts about Nicola: he gesticulates a lot while speaking (being Italian), lives in Amsterdam and rides a Ducati. Read his articles.