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Adele Maynes, Tagged

Much has been written about moving from waterfall or another established process to agile. But what if you're coming from the other end of the spectrum? When the Tagged team hit hypergrowth, rogue coding didn't work anymore. Agile transformations of this sort are different. With stories from the trenches, this session covers how to avoid the pitfalls as a fast-moving startup implementing some structure and discipline with agile.

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Adele Maynes, Program Manager - Engineering, Tagged

Adele Maynes is a lifelong "flow nerd." She's deeply interested in the phenomenon of creative flow - that super-productive, engaged focus that produces great work and makes us feel alive. Early in her career, she focused on techniques to help individuals achieve flow using productivity hacks and systems. This progressed in a very organic way into an interest in Agile, where she learned what flow looks and feels like in team contexts. Most recently, as Program Manager for the 85+ person Engineering Organization at Tagged, she improved communication and collaboration both within and across teams using a variety of Agile methodologies.